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Family, Trust, Team, Serve - Core Values that Make SSI a Great Place to Work

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28 Apr 2023

One of our favorite questions to ask employees during a satisfaction survey is: What are some things we are doing great here? We are proud of the responses that show we have selected the right people to work here at SSI. Our carefully selected staff are experts in their fields and want to learn more to serve our customers better.

As all good business managers know, what really makes a company succeed are the people that believe and honor the values of your company every day. Just like our agribusiness customers, we are producing and selling a quality product and it takes the right team to make that happen.

SSI embraces four Core Values: Family, Trust, Team, and Serve. Dave Craft, VP of Sales and Marketing says “Our Core Values make up our company culture. Our Core Values make us who we are.” And, according to one employee, "The importance of family actually shines through at SSI. Almost every company tries to use it as a selling point to bring people in, but SSI actually embodies it. My family is the most important thing to me, and SSI actively participates in showing that is what they want as well."

Here are some of the responses from SSI employees when asked,

“What are some things we are doing great here?”

- Source: 2023 SSI Employee Satisfaction Survey

"SSI is hands down the best place to work!"
"I always feel supported and empowered in the decisions I make."
"We care about our employees and treat them as family."
"EVERYONE is so helpful, encouraging, and optimistic. Always someone willing to help and answer questions."
"[SSI] makes employees feel appreciated and important. Customer focus and care is top notch."
"I love the culture and the desire to be great. I love that SSI likes to promote from within and genuinely cares about us. I love the flexibility and understanding from higher-ups."
"Good communication and helping new employees feel comfortable."
"Being progressive by continually improving employee benefits/perks of working here is an awesome thing that SSI has repeated over the years. The flexibility of this job is a truly awesome thing."
"My manager does an amazing job of motivating me and appreciating the hard work I put into my job. I feel very comfortable bringing any concerns to them. He is the biggest highlight of this job."
"The people here are the nicest and most caring in any company that I have ever worked for. I am amazed every day at how different and amazing this company is to work for."
"Our teamwork here is the best!"
"Staying true to commitments of valuing employees and holding a high standard of quality. Maintaining open communication and providing a calm environment for developers to work in."
"We are always working to be the best we can be with our products for our customers. We genuinely care about the success of our customers and it shows. SSI is investing in the technology we need to be able to do well at our jobs."
"SSI makes a comfortable place where I enjoy coming to work. I have made a lot of friendships at SSI and through our customers. SSI employs a lot of very intelligent people and it is great to be able to work with them. SSI has a very big future; I look forward to being a part of that and contributing where I can."
"We are genuinely interested in our customers' success, not just selling them software and moving on. I have seen this in all levels of the company, we want our customers to be successful."
"Investing in employees through training, conferences, certifications, etc. Competitive compensation for our work has also allowed people to stay employed here. [SSI is] transparent on what is going on in the company so that everyone is informed and there are no surprises."
"SSI genuinely cares about its employees. It's a great place to work."
"The ability to work from home when needed or to take days off even if you don't have vacation days is something you don't see a lot with other companies and it's really important. The bereavement policy here at SSI is great and really helpful when a family member of mine passed last year. The way everyone at SSI treats each other like their own family is wonderful."

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