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Family, Trust, Team, Serve - Core Values that Make SSI a Great Place to Work

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25 Mar 2022

One of our favorite questions to ask employees during a satisfaction survey is “What are some things we are doing great here?” We are proud of the responses that show we have selected the right people to work here at SSI. Our carefully selected staff are experts in their fields and want to learn more to serve our customers better.

As all good business managers know, what really makes a company succeed are the people that believe and honor the values of your company every day. Just like our agribusiness customers, we are producing and selling a quality product and it takes the right team to make that happen.

SSI embraces four Core Values: Family, Trust, Team, and Serve. Dave Craft, VP Sales and Marketing says “Our Core Values make up our company culture. Our Core Values make us who we are.” And, according to one employee, “SSI truly is guided by the core values and that shows from the top down. Family is #1 and outside of our biological family, we have a work family. I very much feel that it is an important core value that SSI stresses and I LOVE that about this company.”

Here are just a few more comments from SSI employees describing “what we are doing great here”,

“Recognizing employee achievements.”
“SSI values its employees and work/life balance. Family as a core value is noticed and appreciated.”
“Building a sense of family and showing care for employees. I love the engagement by the teams and feel SSI truly cares for its employees.”
“SSI is a great place to work in a majority of areas. As an employee, we get positive feedback regularly and I believe that management cares about each employee. There are many things that could be listed for the things that are great about SSI.”
“Very good customer support & we care about our customers. SSI cares about the welfare of the employees.”
“Celebrating accomplishments. Encouraging growth and training. Maintaining a good culture. Compensation.”
“SSI does a great job at promoting a team atmosphere and making the employees feel valued.”
“I love that we are so customer, team, family-focused.”
“Great culture and we are always given the tools that we need to succeed.”
“SSI lives up to its values more than most companies. [It’s a] very friendly and fun place to work.”

- Source: 2022 SSI Employee Satisfaction Survey

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