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5 Advantages of Adding SKY

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13 Sep 2021

Agvance SKY, rooted in the trusted ERP solution, Agvance, is a cloud-based system of web and mobile applications. Our goal at SSI is always to produce software that meets evolving needs of agribusinesses while taking full advantage of the advances in technology that will make your job easier. Adding SKY to Agvance provides several advantages.

New Tools

New applications with new capabilities are available when adding SKY. The 12 new applications including Order, Dispatch, Analytics, and Ledger to name a few, provide a new way to look at data and manage your business. Also, with Grower360, your connection and communication to growers is enhanced greatly. Growers can monitor their account, order field work, and be notified when the job is done.

Easy to Use

You are going to love the clean look and easy use of Agvance SKY. No complicated manuals and processes to learn. Agvance SKY applications are intuitive and easy to understand. Layout is logical and the design helps you easily find the information you need.


In conjunction with these new tools, SKY is cloud-native which enables it to take full advantage of cloud services to optimize performance and mobility. Information in the cloud means it is always accessible and in your team's hands. With Agvance SKY, you don’t need to be in the office to complete a task. SKY can be accessed from any device, anywhere, anytime. Data is in the cloud and updated instantly throughout all applications.

Peace of Mind

SSI is Service Organization Compliance (SOC) Type 2 certified which is a voluntary certification that ensures the security of customer data. Agvance SKY is hosted in the cloud by working in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Adding SKY means SSI hosts your data, takes care of updates and back-ups, and prepares for data recovery, if necessary. When you move to Hosted, we move your data from your on-premise server, secure it in a private cloud server, and manage it for you. SaaS (Software as a Service) pricing includes Hosted services and up-to the-minute data shared between Agvance SKY modules that can only happen when your data is in the Cloud. Hosted saves you time and allows you to skip costly server equipment updates.

Smooth Transition

Our IS team sets up access to Agvance SKY alongside your company’s current Windows-based Agvance. You can take the time you need to make sure hardware is set up and utilize play data to explore. When you are ready, select a weekend, evening, or less busy time for your business and our team will activate the web-based module. Immediately your staff can log into SKY and business continues as usual. No downtime!

To learn more about adding Agvance SKY to your existing Agvance or to get started with Agvance SKY please watch the video and complete the form below.

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