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5 Grower Portal Features You Should Be Taking Advantage of to Grow your Business

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07 Mar 2022

Grower portals provide an essential connection for your customers to check their accounts with your business. But don’t overlook the power of the reverse connection from business to the grower. This strong communication tool reaches your customers directly and can help grow your business. Are you taking advantage of these features?

Announcements to your Growers

Custom banners provide an opportunity to share a message to promote sales or other news to your customers. Create customized eye-catching banners with little effort and change them as often as you like to keep the message fresh. Whether it be important tax information or a sale on a product, it will be in front of your customers when they open the app to access their account details. Include a heading, text, image, and web links.

Build Brand Recognition with a Name, Colors, and Logos

If you prefer, choose a grower portal name that is unique for your customers. Some companies use descriptive words like “My” or “Account” along with their company name. Alternatively, choose something entirely new or meaningful to your business and customers.

Next, what will it look like? Choose your existing logo, design a new icon, use the new name, or maybe combine the name and logo into one image. You will also want to make theme color selections that are important to your brand. Growers will continue to see the customized brand you are building. In Agvance, this customization with your company colors includes the navigation menu and icons throughout Grower360, and assistance with design is available.

The goal here is to strengthen your relationships and build your brand to help your customers think of your company each time they interact with their data.


Utilize in-app notifications to communicate messages from your staff to individual customers. Then take it a step further by also utilizing text and email alerts. By giving the customer the option to customize the way they receive messages, everyone is informed in the way that works best for them. In the Agvance portal, growers can add more phone numbers to also include key farm help and family in text notifications as well as set hours that they are open to receiving messages to help achieve that work-life balance. It is a plus for business staff as well to know they are getting messages to the right people at the right time.

Accept Payments

Growers like the benefits of checking balances and making payments in the portal, but you can’t overlook the helpfulness to your staff too. Office staff and the customer are viewing the same data which makes answering questions easier. Utilize a portal that allows customers to pay invoices, interact with their bookings, designate payments to specific bookings, or make a credit card or ACH payment to unapplied cash and distribute as needed. Businesses use various names for surcharges, use a program that allows you to rename and help everyone understand the charges.

Customize your Newsfeed

Strengthen your brand even more by becoming your growers' trusted source of news. Look for options to include a customized newsfeed in the grower portal supported by a Barchart subscription service and the Barchart offer system which enables businesses to make grain offers to customers. Both options are available in Agvance Grower360. The communication and notifications come through the grower portal so that customers are always still connected with your business.


The features described above are available and customizable in Agvance Grower360. Utilizing your Agvance data, both the customer and business have real-time access, promotional possibilities, and opportunities to grow business. Visit Grower360 on our website or complete the form below to request a demo.

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