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5 Reasons that Agronomy Planning is a Game Changer

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04 Oct 2021

It is not too soon to start planning for next year’s crops. Getting agronomy needs documented and turned into actual plans is a game changer for an agriculture retail business. Even before harvest is complete, soil testing, seed ordering, and cover crop plans are already on the minds of many. By nudging the customer along to formalize an agronomy plan, the game changes for each customer and ultimately your business. Let’s explore 5 reasons to get started sooner rather than later.

Lock-In Business Early

Provide a needed service to your farmers and be rewarded with early locked-in business. Solid farm management including records of crops, tillage, inputs, and yields are essential data that your customers appreciate having all in one place. With Agvance, both the office staff and the customer have the capabilities to add data for each farm. You will be the resource they turn to when making next year’s plan. Embrace that opportunity with sales check-ins and special offers and work together to lock in business.

Aid in Inventory Planning

Buying in the height of the season, like any industry, comes with a price tag. Having a plan, allows changing from a supply and demand “game” to a budgeted reality. Solid business predictions are a lot easier when an agronomy plan has been established with most of your customers before inventory procurement begins.

Simplify Prepay Decisions

Avoid out-of-balance issues between prepay bookings and the prepay balance on file. Utilizing a software solution like Agvance, your business staff and the customers are both aware of amounts due and payments can be accepted towards specific invoices, if desired.

Streamline the Fulfillment Process

Once the sale is made, often multiple staff members at a retail location will be involved in processing the delivery or application. In Agvance, coordinate the fulfillment of orders using SKY Dispatch and Warehouse. Information is shared across Agvance modules so that everyone is in-the-know and the sale is accurately fulfilled.

Strengthen Your Customer Relationships

Customers have choices. You want to be their choice business partner. Keep your brand in front of the customer year-round. Utilizing a grower portal powered by Agvance, puts your company logo on an app on their phone. Your company name is in front of them from planting to harvest and when planning for the next successful year. As always, you are there to assist your customers in realizing maximum yields based on your reliable agronomic recommendations. Prompting the customer to plan and take advantage of possibly early savings is just one way you can build the customer relationship.

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