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Ag Retailer Solutions for Improved Efficiency at the Scale

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19 Dec 2022

Inbound and outbound grain fluctuates depending on the date on the calendar and the price at the elevator. Using automated scale technology that draws information from a grain RFID card reader can improve efficiency on even the busiest days.

Automate Scale Technology

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology allows for incredibly quick and accurate grain data processing. Readers are set up by location and scale. When a truck arrives at a scale, RFID tags located in the driver’s hand or truck dashboard are used to associate the load with a customer. No contact with the customer is necessary. The software generates scale tickets automatically helping truck drivers more efficiently complete the process at the scale.

Agvance Grain automatically identifies and tracks arrivals to capture weights, moisture, and grade factors. Tag numbers originate from the reader at an inbound scale and a new Scale Ticket is automatically created in Agvance. When tag numbers come from a reader at an outbound scale the system identifies the existing ticket to be edited. Automation improves accuracy and drivers appreciate the shorter line at the scale.

Utilize Your Data

Once you’ve set up an efficient way to capture the data at the scale, it is time to use that data for business decisions. With Agvance, you can access reports to manage grain accounting and customer account information can also be accessed across all areas of your business when using Agvance as your technology solution. Use reports from Agvance Grain and SKY Analytics to analyze and share information. The data sharing extends outside your staff circle and to the grower as well. Growers can access their scale ticket information as well as monitor futures and cash bids, and sign contracts electronically from the grower portal.

For more information about the complete grain management system as well as a short video explaining RFID technology please see Agvance Grain on our website. If you have additional questions or would like to see a demo, please complete the form below.

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