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Agvance Customer Shares the Benefits of SKY

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15 Jul 2021

Over the past year, SSI has seen many companies add the Agvance SKY features to their existing Agvance. We wanted to discuss the benefits, among other topics, with one of our customers that recently added SKY. Nate VanWechel, Sales Director, with Valley United Co-op in Reynolds, ND shared many of the positives of adding SKY to his company's Agvance.

A gradual introduction of SKY features to their staff was important so they could take time and educate them on the relevant tools. “We still have some users that aren’t as savvy as they need to be in order to use all the tools available,” said VanWechel. Once they became more accustomed to moving around in SKY, Nate sees the utilization is much higher. “We are now at 100% use rate and everyone really likes the ease of use.”

With so many tools in the SKY suite, we were curious what features had been most utilized by his staff. “We use Grower360, Dispatch, Analytics, Customer [360], and are going to take a hard look at Mapping over the next few weeks,” said VanWechel. Among those tools mentioned, Nate is excited for the early benefits of using SKY. “The user-experience and real-time Dispatch updates have been the biggest benefit of SKY thus far. We are just starting to scratch the surface of Analytics, which has many of our back-office people excited.”

As we witnessed a shift in remote work, SKY users had a big advantage. The remote access and mobility of the tools are a great benefit, one that VanWechel experienced himself. “SKY was a great option for our sales staff in order to help them find bookings and unapplied cash while working away from the office,”VanWechel said. Nate also sees a lot of use of SKY on the go. “SKY has been a great tool to view on an iPad or laptop for our agronomists. They (agronomists) continue to want more features and keep asking what else it can do. We need to continue moving forward with more interaction with the Inform app and Dispatch.”

If your company is interested in learning more about Agvance SKY, please reach out to our sales team at Or complete the form at the bottom of this page.

And speaking of the benefits of SKY...

We'd love to hear feedback from our current SKY users. Please share with us the good stuff, the not so good stuff, and any improvement suggestions you have. We want to keep growing SKY to help you keep growing.

Just send an email to, the SKY product you are using and your comments. Thanks for your help!

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