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Agvance.net Website Refresh

Published on

11 Jul 2022

We are so excited to share the updated Agvance.net website! The website recently went under what we would consider a facelift as we added new content, images, videos, and information about our suite of tools. The website refresh began several months ago as we saw the need to make the site a little more user and conversion-friendly.

As you can see, our banner menus have changed to allow for easier navigation as you look to learn more about agronomy, accounting, energy, and grain. You will also notice that there are new subpages like Agvance Analytics that were added from the old site. Take the new site for a “test drive” as we continue to build more content now that the new site has been launched!

Dave Craft, Vice President of Marketing, felt that a refresh was needed so that new product updates could be better represented on a new platform. “We have done a lot in the past two years working on updated product videos and product information to better promote and inform our customers. We feel the new website will also provide a better user experience all the way around.”

The new site is more robust as the main category pages have subpages like Dispatch, Warehouse, Mapping, and so on. This allows visitors to find information about a tool easier as they navigate the site. If you are interested in learning more about a tool that may not be listed, please complete the form below to find out more information.

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