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Apply App from Agvance is now available on Phones

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10 Jan 2023

As winter settles in and you look ahead to your early spring application schedule, now is the time to have staff download the Agvance Apply app to their Android or iOS phones. The app, previously only available on tablets, will reduce business costs by utilizing the technology already in your staff’s pocket. Expect to see an increase in usage and appreciation for the convenience too.

Agvance Apply is an application that runs in conjunction with the popular Agvance suite of products. It enables users to receive assigned work orders, messages, and attached files directly from Agvance Dispatch. Apply users can also view and update information connected to the work orders such as job status, product totals, and field/weather conditions. The GPS coordinates of the job location can also be sent to the device to activate directions and turn-by-turn navigation.

When equipped with Apply, device locations can be viewed on a map from within Agvance Dispatch so the dispatcher can track job status and assist them in the scheduling of jobs. Once a job is assigned to a mobile device, the Apply user can start, edit and complete jobs while also recording key compliance data. Electronic signatures can be captured and permanently connected to custom application records in Agvance.

Empowering your applicator team with the technology to understand every job detail and interact with the team and grower improves efficiency, accuracy, and communication. The Apply app is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If your company is currently not using this application and is interested in learning more, please complete the form.

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