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Available Analytic Dashboards Top 100!

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13 Feb 2023

There are now over 100 standard dashboards in Agvance Analytics to analyze data! Dashboards are included with Agvance SKY and are useful to gauge performance, monitor trends, and view outliers as you compare data. The growing list is subdivided to make finding the right dashboard logical and easy. Agvance SKY Analytic dashboards are available in 12 areas including Accounts Receivable, Admin, Agronomy, Customer, Energy, Grain, Ledger, Logistics, Mapping, Patronage, Product, and Vendor.

“As our list of standard dashboards in Analytics has grown, we have added some features to Analytics to help navigate your way through the application,” says Brandon Scherzer a Lead Developer at SSI. Users can find a description of each dashboard on the Agvance Help Center. Resources are also available within the app. When opening Analytics in Agvance SKY, the first page is an overview. Here users find recently added dashboards at the top of the page followed by dashboards that the user has previously starred as favorites. Scherzer adds, “favorites are a great way to get quick access to dashboards that you use frequently throughout the year or for dashboards that you use heavily during harvest season or in the spring.” With searching and sorting, users can further find and arrange their preferred dashboards.

Some of the most recent additions to the growing list of dashboards for analyzing data are in the menu areas of Mapping, Logistics, Energy, and Patronage.

  • Use the Mapping Metric Dashboard to analyze recs and field events in SKY Mapping.
  • The Bookings by Customer Ship To dashboard found in Logistics displays a map of customer Ship To locations with an open Booking.
  • The Energy category includes 5 dashboards useful in analyzing budget balances, driver efficiency, tank locations, and more.
  • Three recently added Patronage dashboards are useful to analyze stock certificates and patron details.

These are just a few of the 100+ dashboards available to make business decisions. Agvance SKY Analytics brings data to life through visualizations, charts, and graphs for easy analysis. Read more about Using Data Analytics to Improve Business Processes and Help Drive Strategy.

Current users of Agvance SKY have access today! Download a product sheet about Analytics here. If you would like to request more information, please complete the form below.

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