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Become an Indispensable Resource for your Grain Farmers

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20 Sep 2021

By simplifying the busy grain season for your growers, you strengthen the connection between your customers and your business. Todays’ farmers expect a portal to access their account information at your business. Consider these key portal features to put a wealth of grain information in your growers’ hands in easily digestible blocks of information and provide the capability to complete grain transactions.

Current Account and Market Information

Ensure your full-farm operation encompassing grower portal is the resource farmers seek out for their current grain market information. Market data may be available elsewhere but providing it in your grower portal makes it a one-stop-shop. Essential components include a live feed of current markets, scale ticket details, and continuously updated grain offers.

Complete Transactions

Completing transactions in the grower portal makes doing business easier for both the retailer and the farmer. Capabilities such as viewing accepted grain offers, canceling an offer, making a payment, or signing a contract from anywhere are necessary features.

One Source

The same grower portal for grain management should also be the source for their farm operation, including account information, agronomy work, and energy tanks. Build the connection to your business and brand recognition in your grower portal by customizing an app with your logo. With all the account information and historical data about their operation in one place, it is an easy decision for farmers to keep doing business with you.

Enhance Communication

Reduce the number of phone calls for issues like scale ticket details or requesting contract signatures. Instead, enhance the channel of communication with notifications that alert and inform farmers and your office when a contract is ready to sign, or a grain offer is accepted.

Agvance Grain

Agvance Grain delivers the most advanced grain management system fulfilling these benefits and more. SSI’s valued partnership with Barchart provides access to current markets and grain offers. Grain features of an Agvance powered customizable grower portal can include:

· Access to personal grain accounts

· Up-to-date information on each Scale Ticket

· Live feeds of current market information

· Review accepted grain offers

· Make a new grain offer

· Monitoring of cash bids

· Electronic signatures on contracts

· Invoicing and the ability to Make a Payment

· Management of settlements

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