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Better Ag Container Management

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19 Jun 2023

As your business fills, cleans, maintains, and refills agriculture product containers, documentation is necessary to meet regulations. As an added benefit, a container management system ensures you are ready to fill orders with accurate data on all containers and their current use or stages of maintenance.

Mobile App

A mobile application allows you to move around the warehouse or grounds to record data wherever the container is located. With the Agvance Contain app, information such as customer names, containers, and container ID numbers is drawn from the integrated database.

Barcode Scanning

Save time and prevent errors by scanning labels using a mobile device camera. With the Contain App from Agvance, you can easily select the container you are working with by tapping a container from the list, typing a container ID, or scanning a barcode. For example, when filling a container, scan the product label and then add the date, time, quantity, and notes in the app.

Record Activity

With a mobile device, staff easily record each activity associated with a container to keep data updated. Each interaction or activity is logged with a couple of quick taps of the app. Whether a container is filled, returned from a customer, cleaned, tested, or removed from service the relevant dates, customer names, locations, quantities, and testing results are logged in the app.

Use Contain on its own or as a companion app to Warehouse to access and maintain container processing. View the app capabilities below and use the form to contact us for more information.

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