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Build Brand Recognition in your Company’s Grower Portal

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15 Jul 2021

The customizable Grower360 online portal from Agvance gives growers access to their accounts within your ag retail business. Strengthen your relationships and build your brand. Multiple customization options are available to make sure customers recognize your company each time they interact with their data.

Choose a name for your grower portal. Using Grower360 is one option but not the only option. If you prefer, choose a name that is unique for your customers. Some companies use descriptive words like “My” or “Account” along with their company name. Alternatively, choose something entirely new or meaningful to your business and customers. The name is up to you!

How do you want it to look in the app store or on your company website? Brand the app to match your logo. What are your customers used to seeing when interacting with your company? Choose your existing logo, design a new icon, use the new name, or maybe combine the name and logo into one image. You choose the design that is best for your company.

Choose theme colors for your grower site. When a grower enters, they will continue to see the customized brand you are building. This customization with your company colors includes the navigation menu and icons throughout Grower360.

If you currently use Grower360, add the color customization by contacting support@agvance.net. If you are interested in learning more about what Grower360 can do for your business, please review Grower360 on our website. Complete the form below to request additional information.

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