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Busy Season for Agriculture Applicators is Just Around the Corner. Get organized with SKY Dispatch!

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15 Jul 2021

Step things up a notch this year! As your application orders start to roll in imagine happy staff and customers with a better system to organize your orders, save time, clarify communication, and cover more acres.

Agvance SKY Dispatch Suite streamlines the way you fulfill orders. Three programs in one, the SKY Dispatch Suite consists of Inform, Dispatch, and Apply and together they help your business organize, fulfill, and apply your blend tickets.

INFORM: The Inform App is essential for your sales team. Quickly view blend tickets in a list or map right from your smartphone, set crop chemistries of nearby fields, and identify fields that are ready. Share details with both the dispatcher and customers and keep everyone informed.

DISPATCH: This is the command post for the dispatcher. Dispatch keeps tickets organized and accessible to the team. Check the weather, filter requests, review ticket details, and assign jobs using SKY Dispatch. Create efficiencies by grouping like tickets or geographical areas with drag and re-order technology while assigning new tickets and designating applicators that make the most sense for your team and customers. Review the Jobs Map and know your applicator’s path and status updates in real-time. Talk to the applicators and sales team and notify customers of job completion through automated texts or emails.

APPLY: Using the Apply App, the applicator knows assigned ticket details and products to apply, has turn by turn directions, maps, and field boundaries. The applicator logs weather data, field conditions, adjusts or records products applied in the app immediately. Using features such as in-app texting, the rest of the team is always up to date on progress.

The SKY Dispatch Suite provides the efficiency you are looking for, making it an essential tool for your team. To request more information, complete the form below.

SKY Dispatch Overview
SKY Dispatch: A Better Way to Organize

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