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Coding Resources for Kids

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15 Jul 2021

Create an interactive story, a game, or learn how to design an app! Explore fun e-Learning that even adults may want to check out! Jessamy Carruthers, Agvance Product Manager, also volunteers as a local Girls Who Code youth club leader and shares these recommendations for fun and free STEM computer science educational resources.

· Grasshopper: This is a JavaScripttutorial designed by Google. It’s geared towards kids, but I’ve been goingthrough it in my spare time and really enjoy it and it works on phones andtablets, as well.

o https://learn.grasshopper.app/

· Thunkable: A visual, building-blockstyle tool for creating native apps for iOS and Android. Our students havereally gotten excited about this one since they can actually load their apponto their phone to try it out. It has great tutorials for beginners but alsosome pretty advanced tools - even older students already familiar with codeconcepts would enjoy this one.

o https://thunkable.com/#/

· Minecraft: There are some really funcoding concept tutorials built around Minecraft! Here’s a link to some of the“hour of code” Minecraft tutorials.

o https://code.org/minecraft

· Trinket: Trinket is a great way toget kids started with Python, and they have some really fun turtle-basedtutorials.

o https://hourofpython.com/

· Hopscotch: This is a kids’ coding appfor iPhone and iPad that some of our students have really enjoyed.

o https://www.gethopscotch.com/hour-of-code/

· Scratch: This is a really amazingvisual coding tool that is great for all levels of coding experience! Kids inour club have created everything from simple interactive stories to complexgames using scratch, and there’s a great community with ideas and examples.

o https://scratch.mit.edu/

· ScratchJr: The above resources are mostly geared towards kids8 and up. For the younger ones (ages 5-7), Scratch Jr is a great place to start! https://www.scratchjr.org/

· CodeSpark: This is another great resourcefor that 5-9 age group: https://codespark.com/

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