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Connect with Your Seed and Crop Protection Suppliers

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15 Jul 2021

The variables in seed and crop protection ordering can seem to be endless. As an ag retailer, you are busy coordinating it all. Is the product available from the supplier? Did the recommendation for a field change? Does the customer have too much or need more? Product sales and invoicing are easier when integrating with web services from seed and chemical suppliers. If you have not adopted business-to-business connectivity yet, it is time!

Supplier eLink from Agvance offers business-to-business connectivity with Bayer CropScience, WinField United, Syngenta, and Corteva Agriscience, the seed and chemical suppliers that have adopted industry messaging standards. "Supplier eLink helps you manage orders, have visibility towards what you need, import prices and costs for the respective products, and import Bill of Ladings directly from the suppliers instead of manually entering," says Megan Rohrer, Business Analyst at SSI.

Simplified bookkeeping is just one of the many benefits. Without B2B connectivity, each new or changing order requires entering the data in the supplier system, updating the internal bookkeeping system, notifying your warehouse, and the list goes on. However, with Supplier eLink, ordering is simplified by seamlessly connecting Agvance and the supplier's web service. Key advantages of using Supplier eLink include:

· View product availability from the vendor in real-time

· Receive immediate product order approval and allocation from the suppliers

· Submit orders electronically for seed and crop protection

· Eliminate double entry of orders with both the Vendor and Grower Order in Agvance

· Receive Electronic Delivery Notices

· Import Bill of Ladings into a purchase receipt

· Upon receipt of the product, reconcile shipments against allotments

"We can customize Supplier eLink for the specific business needs to include EDNs (Electronic Delivery Notices), crop protection, seed ordering, or any combination that best suits the business," says Rohrer. Ag retailers already using Agvance can get started very quickly. A trained team of Supplier eLink implementers from SSI walk you through the setup and are available for follow-up questions as needed.

Use the form below to request information about using Agvance as your software solution or adding Supplier eLink to your existing Agvance.

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