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Continuing Education Credit Opportunities at Agvance 2022

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15 Aug 2022

The Agvance 2022 conference will include over 30 session options spread over 13 hours of instructional time on September 19th and 20th. It is a great opportunity to earn continuing or professional education credits to satisfy many career or employer requirements. The conference theme this year is Agvance 2022: Reconnect and Retool and will be held at the Hyatt Regency at the Arch in St. Louis. The conference is an educational event for Agvance customers to learn best practices, new features, and opportunities to retool and improve their business’ internal teamwork and customer connections. Do you need evidence of attendance for your specialized field? Attendance certificates are available after the conference by emailing to request a certificate of completion.

Certified Crop Adviser

In addition to general certificates, Certified Crop Adviser® has pre-approved 7 courses at this year’s conference. One CEU may be awarded for attendance at specific sessions as listed below. Course Codes will be available in the Agvance 2022 conference app. Instructions for logging the session in your Certified Crop Adviser App will be accessible after the completion of a session.

Crop Management Category Approved Sessions

SKY Mapping, 1CEU

Learn what is possible with SKY Mapping! We will explore opportunities to navigate existing field data, add new data, work with boundaries, soil test data, harvest data, and field recommendations. You also don’t want to miss tips for embracing the strong reporting, mobile app functionality, and sharing information with your customers through the grower portal.

SKY Dispatch, 1 CEU

The SKY Dispatch Suite has a new look and new ways to optimize your dispatch operation. Features such as batching items, layers in schedules, marking maps with field entry points, crop chemistry pins, and more will be highlighted. Learn ways to improve processes for your dispatchers, applicators and sales staff using Dispatch, Apply and Inform.

The Game Plan, 1 CEU

Planning has played a key role within the agronomy workflow in Agvance since its inception. Learn how the planning process is evolving now with SKY and Grower360 to make it more efficient and interactive. See how these new tools will impact that process before and during your busy seasons and how you can strengthen customer loyalty as a result.

Professional Development Category Approved Sessions

Maximize Inventory Control, 1 CEU

In this session, step through Agvance tools to better manage your purchasing process and overall inventory management. Learn ways to improve efficiency by utilizing dealer orders, electronic ship notices and inter-company transfer automation. Discover ways to optimize your price management and manage costs by maintaining formulas and adjustments.

Improve Your Workflows with SKY, 1 CEU

Agvance SKY has introduced new tools and new possibilities for improving key workflows within your business. See how three common agronomy workflows can be greatly enhanced by using Order, Dispatch, Mapping and Grower360. We'll also cover how Vendor, Ledger and Analytics can have positive impacts on some of your daily accounting flows.

Warehouse Automation, 1 CEU

Automate your warehouse and container management with our mobile apps. This session is intended for both current users as well as those interested in adding automated functionality to their retail store or agronomy warehouse business. Learn best practices to increase efficiency and success stories from experienced users.

Grower360 Success, 1 CEU

Creating and maintaining strong relationships with your customers is essential to the success of your business. Hear how other companies have successfully implemented grower portals to cultivate those opportunities. Topics such as online payments, self-service reports, and notifications will be covered in this session.

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