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Core Values that Make SSI a Great Place to Work

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02 Apr 2024

One of our favorite questions to ask employees during a satisfaction survey is: What are some things we are doing great here? We are proud of the responses that show we have selected the right people to work here at SSI. Our carefully selected staff are experts in their fields and want to learn more to serve our customers better.

As all good business managers know, what really makes a company succeed are the people that believe and honor the values of your company every day. Just like our agribusiness customers, we are producing and selling a quality product and it takes the right team to make that happen.

SSI embraces four Core Values: Family, Trust, Team, and Serve. Dave Craft, VP of Sales and Marketing says “Our Core Values make up our company culture. Our Core Values make us who we are.” And, according to one employee, "Management does a great job of establishing a team atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to work together and help each other. I also really appreciate Pam [the CEO] stressing the importance of "family first". There are a lot of companies that claim to be family oriented but they do not demonstrate that - SSI leads by example from the top down."

Read some of the additional responses from SSI employees when asked,

“What are some things we are doing great here?”

- Source: 2024 SSI Employee Satisfaction Survey. (This article is updated annually.)

"While I have only been here for a few months, I can honestly say that SSI has made a massive improvement in my life. I love coming to work and I love the work that I am doing. I consider myself truly blessed to be able to work here."
"The attitudes of the people who work here are a direct reflection of the attitudes of management. It's a great thing!"
"My managers are very hands on, east to talk with, and very engaged. My work environment and coworkers are positive, supportive and enjoyable."
"[SSI] continues to grow as a company and develop employees to improve at their jobs. [There is] great customer retention and [SSI is] gaining market share. SSI treats employees great!"
"There is a great work-life balance and the in-office environment is very welcoming. Also, everyone is super willing to help in any way whether personally or professionally."
"The family aspect - love the people & how they understand when your family has needs that they are the priority."
"I feel valued as an employee. I haven't met a single person that works for SSI that is rude or unkind. Everyone seems to care about furthering my knowledge and skills. The benefits and vacation time are very generous."
"I think that work environment is very important, and SSI has a good one. There seems to be genuine care about employees and being understanding and trying to be flexible for when something comes up for the employee. Something such as "need an extra half hour at lunch for an appointment? Make the time up later!" I think having hybrid work and the ability to work from home has a large part to do with this flexibility but there does seem to be a recognition that we do have lives outside of SSI that we may need to take care of on the occasion during work hours, and it's been a very accommodating attitude that I've seen.."
"I think we do a great job as a whole at creating a welcoming workspace for new employees."
"We provide a fantastic product and constantly work to enhance/improve it to match the needs of each individual customer. The leadership team here is fantastic! They lead by positive feedback and great example instead of micromanagement and criticism with threats of disilpline. It's unique to anywhere else I have been employed and it WORKS!"
"Listening to employee answers from surveys like this and giving concrete benefits that are truly beneficial.."
"The care and treatment of employees is excellent. SSI truly is a great place to work. I think we do a great job of going over and above most of the time for our employees and for our customers related to their support needs."
"I am very impressed with the communication and how helpful ALL of my co-workers are especially since I'm a new employee. I also appreciate the communication with management. They really do have an open door policy."
"Company truly cares about their employees and have made several changes over the last few years to prove this. Company is very understanding of everybody's home life and busy schedules. Very nice to work for a company where parents still have time to be parents and attend all of their kids extracurriculars. Company is doing a better job of promoting SSI to potential employees, our exposure is getting better."
"SSI is the best place to work in Shelbyville! The work atmosphere is positive and professional, and even a good sense of humor is shared by many. The quality of people makes SSI a nice place to work. I appreciate the annual bonus, the time off policy, and remote work flexibility."
"SSI does a great job at finding the right people for a job. It is comforting knowing that if someone is here, they are trustworthy and capable of handling their responsibilities at a level that you don't need to constantly watch over or clean up after them. I know the same can not be said for other places."
"‍The culture at SSI is great and I love working for a company that is as respected in the community as SSI. We treat our employees fairly and we have a great group of people here."
"Constantly improving and growing, while staying true to the roots of what has made this company great in years past."

We are always looking to grow our team with the right people. Come be a part of our story! To learn more about employment opportunities at SSI please visit or

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