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Create a Company Culture that Embraces New Technology

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15 Jul 2021

When it is time to implement new or updated software or other technology, does your staff feel the excitement and understand the potential it brings? Positivity makes a huge impact on creating a company culture that embraces new technology. Involve the staff in the vision, provide opportunities to grow, and watch the excitement trickle down through your staff and to your customers too.

Share the Vision

Share the vision and keep staff appraised of the big-picture impact of the new technology. Create buy-in by including your team in the decision-making process. Ignite the understanding that new software is not just another thing to learn but, rather contributes to the long-term company goals while improving daily tasks. Informed and involved staff are more likely to value new software or technology that will help you grow your business.

Opportunity to Learn

Promote a culture of accepting new technology by offering opportunities to learn. Gather opinions and input from all levels of your team about daily tasks and how they could be improved. Let the creative ideas flow. When it is time to implement, get the team involved by designating topic experts and internal trainers within your staff. Watch staff thrive as they become a needed resource to other team members.

Trickle Down Excitement

As team leaders within your organization share their excitement about new or updated software or technology, the excitement spreads. Build on that excitement and watch your team become advocates for the technological possibilities. As the excitement builds, it inevitably is passed on to customers. The positive energy generates from staff to customers as they also become excited about improvements such as newly available information, quicker response time, and easier access points to your business.

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