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Do you have an App with Your Company Brand On It? You Should.

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15 Jul 2021

As the agriculture world has an increasing need to do business anywhere, anytime, growers are expecting more and more from your business. Strengthen your relationship with customers and build your brand by putting your company logo in the app store! With an app, customers open their phone and are reminded multiple times a day of your business by seeing your company logo. With the touch of the app, they check their farm data, use electronic signatures to confirm services, pay balances, view plans, blends, orders, grain transactions, cash bids, field stats, and so much more. It makes doing business easier.

Why does your business need an app?

· Assure your customers they are doing business with you, a local trusted provider

· Build confidence that you can assist your customers with all business transactions year-round

· Increase customers accessibility to your business to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

· Put the answer to your customers questions in their hands and in their control

The team at SSI can make it happen! Grower360 runs on your Agvance data to power the app you and your growers need. The Agvance Grower360 app is a customizable online portal giving growers real-time access to their accounts with your ag retail business.

Exciting new enhancements available to growers in Grower360:

· Pay in the app using credit card or ACH with multiple payment types and save and recall information for future payments

· Designate payments to bookings or unapplied cash and distribute as needed

· View and utilize previous year Energy tank data, Patronage totals, and Payments

· Interact with Bookings with an improved look and expanded product viewing

· Customize your newsfeed with Barcharts or DTN cash bid data, available with subscription services

· Use “Help” to search within Grower360

· Receive notifications by text, email, or in-app alerts

Visit Grower360 on our website or complete the form below to request a demo.

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