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Electronic Signatures on Grain Contracts – Customized by Location

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27 Sep 2021

Electronic signatures on grain contracts simplify the process for both your grain office staff and the farmer. Using Agvance Grain together with our grower portal, both buyers and sellers can electronically sign grain purchase contracts. If you have more than one location, Agvance is ready to assist with accommodating differing signature situations at each location too.

Meet Requirements for Each Business Location

Companies operating locations across multiple geographic regions juggle differing local regulations. Often some locations require a pre-signed paper agreement authorizing electronic signatures. Agvance supports this preference on a location-by-location basis. Take a few steps to set it up and your grain season is simplified.

Buyer Signatures on a Purchase Contract

First, indicate business locations requiring a signature agreement in Agvance and set your company preference to designate a special customer classification. Next, assign a signature to a user in SKY. Each applicable user can add their own signature from the user profile on their Agvance SKY home page. Then, when a purchase contract is added for a customer, if the company requires an agreement and the customer is in the classification, the electronic signature is available. You have the control to designate which type of contracts can be signed per local regulations.

Seller Signatures on a Purchase Contract

When a contract is ready for signature, the grower is notified in their grower app and by email or text. The grower clicks the provided link, and the signature is applied. Signatures can be applied from a desktop or mobile device, making it easier for your customers to do business with you no matter where they are.

Learn more about Agvance electronic signatures

Using Buyer Signatures with a Purchase Contract

Using Seller Signatures with a Purchase Contract

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