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Empower and Engage Your Customers

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17 Apr 2023

A grower portal can help agribusinesses empower and engage their customers by providing a platform for growers to access important information about their crops and account. This can include real-time field details, weather conditions, and market prices, as well as tools for requesting agronomy work and tank refills, making payments, and signing contracts. By enhancing your existing communication and providing valuable resources, a grower portal can help agribusinesses build stronger relationships with their customers and improve overall efficiency.

Over 72,000 growers are signed up for Grower360!

A proven performer, Grower360 from Agvance currently has over 72,000 growers signed up and the number continues to grow. In addition, Grower360 achieved recognition on CropLife’s list of Best Agriculture Apps in both 2022 and 2023.

Our Agvance users tell us that both customers and staff appreciate the exciting features. Growers access their account information including cash bids, account balances, field maps and activity, scale tickets, and contracts. Payments can be made in the app! Growers see past activity and view the details needed to make informed decisions. The customizable online portal gives growers real-time access to their accounts from both web browsers and mobile devices. Businesses can strengthen their company brand with a custom theme and use app notifications for two-way communication between growers and retail staff.

With MyFarmRecords ending June 30th, Grower360 is the modern solution and next step to accommodate the ever-changing needs of growers.

View the Grower360 Fact Sheet, watch the video, and use the form below to learn more.

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