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Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy Servers

Published on

11 Oct 2021

If you do a Google search on “Servers vs Cloud” you will get around 21,000 articles that contain that phrase (make sure to include the quotation marks or you will get all 95 million results that talk about either cloud computing or servers). There is plenty of talk out there about the pros and cons of each approach to your IT strategy.

SSI has chosen to build the next generation of Agvance (SKY) in the cloud primarily because it is the best approach for companies with seasonal business peaks to have the amount of IT power they need, when they need it. The cloud’s virtual server architecture allows the performance of Agvance to instantly scale to the size you need—whether it be handling the workload from a busy work day or a company merger doubling the size of your organization overnight.

Many of our customers already have their Agvance system in the cloud and are experiencing better performance and more regular working hours for their IT departments. Have peace of mind knowing your customer’s data is secure in a state of the art, stormproof data center that is guarded and monitored 24/7/365 for any possible issues, such as hardware failures, performance degradation, physical intrusion, or virtual intrusion. If any of these threats materialize, we will likely discover and correct them before your business is impacted. No one needs to worry about staying after hours to get proper backups made on time, perform Windows updates, or install Agvance updates.

Maybe you haven’t moved your Agvance system to the cloud because you want to squeeze the last bit of use out of those big servers you bought years ago. That is fine. But, when it is time to retire those on-premise work horses, please, friends, please, don’t spend any more money for on-premise servers. Let SSI upgrade your staff’s experience through better performance and software that is easier to use.

For more information, please watch the video below and read the Benefits of Agvance Hosting Services and Tips for Protecting Yourself Against Ransomware Attacks. To request more information, please complete the form below.

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