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Grain Contract Completion Anytime, Anywhere with Electronic Signatures

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15 Jul 2021

As the busy grain season continues, help your growers and your office staff with the never-ending paperwork. Eliminate the wait for a mailed paper copy of a purchase contract to be sent to the seller and returned to the buyer. Agvance Grain and the Grower360 app provide everything your business needs for both buyer and seller electronic signatures on Grain Purchase Contracts.

First, in My SKY Account, your staff can add and save signatures that are ready to be used to electronically sign Purchase Contracts. Then, follow a few steps in Agvance Grain to set up the e-signature preference. Differentiate contracts that allow signatures by types, location, customer classification, or even required customer agreements, if desired. Agvance will also conveniently let your staff know when electronic signatures are permissible based on these selections in Agvance Grain. Agvance provides your business and customers with the confidence and security to fully control e-signatures.

After the buyer signature has been applied to a contract, the contract will be designated as pending and the seller is notified to "Sign to Accept". Email notifications of needed signatures keep the grower up to date and contracts are more easily completed.

Lastly, under the Contracts menu in your company-branded Grower360 app, the grower simply selects the contract and draws with a mouse or finger to sign. Once signed, the PDF of the contract is available in Grower360 with both the buyer and seller signatures.

Grower360 provides mobile access to contract management. Growers can review their data by commodity and sign and print contracts anytime, anywhere. Your business connects to growers through your company branded mobile app powered by Grower360.

E-signatures make the process of signing more efficient for everyone involved. This is just another way to make it easier for your customers to do business with you! To learn more, please complete the below form.

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