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Grower360 Named a 2024 Best Ag App!

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19 Jan 2024

SSI is proud to share that the Agvance Grower360 app is on the Best Agriculture Apps list for 2024! This is the third year in a row that Grower360 is on the list. Crop Life Magazine explains that the list of approximately 30 apps is compiled each year by Crop Life Senior Online Editor Matt Hopkins after thorough research and evaluation of new or recently updated farming apps. Read the article and see the slideshow of the Best Agriculture Apps for 2024.

Grower360 Highlights and Popular Features

Grower360 is an online portal that ag businesses provide to give growers access to their accounts. The app gives growers access to cash bids, account balances, field maps and activity, scale tickets, and the ability to make payments from the app.

The portal keeps growers informed and connected. Many businesses choose to strengthen their company brand with a custom-branded app and theme. Additionally, app notifications increase two-way communication between growers and retail staff.

“Several features of the app really make Grower360 stand out”, says Sara Thoele, SSI Product Manager, “popular features include the online payment feature with options to schedule a payment in the future, the ease at which growers can review agronomy field plans and approve or decline the plan, and a resource area for sharing files with growers.” Additional highlights, according to Thoele, include an area in which growers can request an energy tank refill, and access to several quick reports such as products purchased, volume statements, delivered grain, and assembly sheets.

Online Payments

Growers can use Grower360 to make payments on their account by ACH bank transfer or credit card based on payment choices established by the ag retail business. A popular feature with growers and appreciated by retailers is the ability to post the payment either the same day or schedule the payment to be posted on a future date. When opening the app an overview of recent activity displays and can be expanded to see all account activity and drill into details. This accessibility provides a clear understanding of invoices and payments.

File Sharing

Files can be made viewable in the grower portal. From Agvance SKY Customer, ag retail staff upload documents such as agronomy plans and maps and then select files to share. Growers will find the shared files in the Resources area of Grower360. Sharing files increases retailer-to-grower communication contained within the grower portal eliminating separate emailing or printing that may have been needed previously to share documents.

Quick Reports

Another popular feature is the ability to run a quick report to monitor account activity. The Products Purchased area lists all products purchased within a given time frame and includes the ability to drill into details and export. Growers can also create their own Volume Statements, Delivered Grain reports, and Assembly Sheet reports.

Tank Refill Requests

If an energy tank is low, the grower can submit a request from Grower360 by selecting Energy from the navigation. The user can monitor details about multiple tanks, the estimated tank fill percentage, service dates and amount. Requesting a refill is quick and easy.

Approving Field Plans

Growers can monitor their field activity, and review, approve, decline, or propose new agronomy plans from Grower360. The grower can also indicate when a “Field is Ready” and check whether jobs have been completed and invoiced. Field details are available by location and can include current weather, split arrangements, tillage, satellite map imagery, boundaries, soil test history, and mapping layers.

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