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How to Tackle the Data Challenges of Business Growth

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24 Apr 2023

Your business is growing. It is an exciting time! The work behind the scenes, however, can feel like a sea of data to merge and system decisions to be made. You may have recently added a location, added a product line, or possibly are anticipating an acquisition or merger. Where do you start? Let’s look at the key methods to achieving successful data management during the growth of your ag business.

Business Process Review

Growth in the company is the perfect opportunity to look at the big picture and implement changes with the assistance of your software solution advisor. Take advantage of a detailed review of your current business workflow processes and possible improvements. First, select the core group at your company that understands the workflow and together with a software consultant with experience in your type of work, walk through jobs that need to be accomplished. Large tasks are divided into manageable steps that ultimately improve efficiency even during company growth.

With Agvance, a Business Process Review is an assisted 4-step analysis.

  1. Recognizing areas for improvement
  2. Reviewing current processes
  3. Implementing new processes to achieve desired results
  4. Refining decisions

Data Services

When growing, data issues may be uncovered during the business process review. It is wise to get assistance with large or complicated data projects from experts using the right tools to add, restructure, or clean up data. With assistance from your software data team, cut down the time you will need to spend on large data projects to add a new location, or product, or work with inventory management.

Next Steps

Time and time again we have seen growing customers faced with making platform decisions choose to adopt Agvance or expand their use of Agvance into new areas for their growing business. By connecting all areas of the business to manage accounting functions, dispatch drivers, fulfill orders, navigate grain management, or other needs specific to your business, you keep the whole team in constant communication with access to the same data.

The software solution your business selects impacts your business processes and success. Talk to your Agvance sales manager about how a Business Process Review or data services can assist your business. Use the form below to request more information.

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