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Increase Agronomy Ordering Efficiency with Templates

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04 Nov 2022

Before the busy season hits and many customers want to place orders at the same time, get things prepped and ready. By creating templates for common orders, you save time, and your agronomy orders can be placed quickly and accurately.

Each agronomy business location has standard blends and chemical spray orders that are continuously produced. The routine recommendations, of course, may have custom modifications but there is still some predictability in many of the orders. Those are the ones you want to consider setting up now in your ordering system. That mix that you are likely to repeat, is a prime candidate for a template order.

“Creating templates could be done by the agronomist, salesperson, or anyone in your business that really understands your standard recipes,” says Randy Forrette, Implementation Specialist with SSI. Forrette is part of a team that helps businesses using Agvance to analyze their business processes and implement efficient practices. He recently presented ideas to a large audience of agriculture retailers at the Agvance 2022 Conference. “Creating templates can happen throughout the year, but if it were me," says Forrette, “I’d get all these in during the off-season to make more time for the busy season.”

Agvance SKY Order

Agvance SKY connects all segments of your agribusiness and improves business efficiencies. Agvance Order is your automated billing assistant, making order management seamless. Create a template in Order by designating a template name, type, and business location, or make it a company-wide template. Then input the order details and product details and save. When you are ready to place an order from a saved template, use the search bar or scroll through the list. You can preview saved templates and select the template that would work best. From there, create a new order using the pre-defined template details. Make the necessary changes and save. Orders are in the system and accessible by the dispatcher, applicator, and the rest of the team quickly.

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