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Introducing Agvance 64-bit

Published on

31 Jan 2022

We are excited to announce Agvance has advanced our software to a 64-bit application. This allows the program to take advantage of more RAM which could mean enhanced speed and a faster load of large lists because 32-bit applications are limited on the usage of RAM (memory access) for the computer’s operating system. 64-bit applications can use much more of the available RAM. Not all users will notice performance enhancements. But this upgrade does allow future opportunities to fully utilize RAM as the need arises. Additionally, the update will include a version number change from 6.0 to 7.0.

Although all of these changes are under the hood, we want to ensure a full understanding of the value and importance of staying up to date on the most current Agvance version. Staying current keeps your software in alignment with hardware updates and changes related to security. It also helps maintain and ensure regulatory compliance.

A few things to consider as you prepare to receive this update.

  • Agvance custom programming should be updated and tested after install
  • Update all external stand-alone machines like scale interfaces and mobile energy
  • Third-party interfaces should be tested after install
  • Additional custom programs which connect with Agvance may need to be tested

Agvance Build Update - Available Now!

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