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Is Your Business Operating at Optimal Efficiency?

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06 Dec 2021

‘That’s the way it’s always been done.’ We have all heard it before. As a business manager, you question if the way ‘it’s always been done’ is really the most efficient. Routine business processes can fall into a rut, and reviving your workflow saves you time and money.

How has your business changed since you first started using your current software solution? We recently asked that question of Agvance customers attending an educational event and over 70% of the audience indicated that they have seen increases in employees, products, services, locations, buildings, and/or equipment. Almost 58% said they have seen significant sales increases, increased customer demands, or have merged or acquired another business. If you have increased demands on the infrastructure of your business, it may be time for a business process review.

Agvance Business Process Review

“A [Business Process Review] BPR is generally a targeted or comprehensive review of the Agvance business system structure and the workflow processes utilized,” says Randy Forrette, SSI Implementation Specialist. “Basically, we are sitting down together and making sure that you're using Agvance properly,” he further explained. The review is customized to the customer’s needs and may target a specific process that is of concern to your business, or it can be a full, comprehensive review.

“Maybe when you initially went onboard with Agvance, you took an existing process that you had, and you retrofitted the same exact process to Agvance. And maybe now you'd like to take advantage of those tools that are available to you in Agvance and revamp that entire process,” says Barb Mitchell, SSI Implementation Specialist.

To begin, we evaluate your historical use of Agvance, your help desk ticket trends, and your database structure. After that, a tour of your facility is scheduled. Forrette says, “we want to see where your buildings are, where you're storing your inventory, what your production lines look like, blender scales, just anything that's going to be involved in the movement of your products. We also want to meet the people that are blending that product or unloading and loading those trucks and really get to understand how they work. We might ask you why several times to really dig into any possible redundancies or surface those areas where Agvance could possibly be doing something for you.” Mitchell adds, “we will listen, ask questions, note areas for improvement together, and brainstorm potential solutions.”

Mitchell says summary recommendations “list those findings, note quick wins, and share flowcharts, or those workflow processes and provide those recommendations to you. Once the review is complete, you're going to determine then what you do with the information that we provide to you.” The SSI team assists with suggested timing, prioritizing, and organizing. Action items after the review often “provide targeted onsite or remote training for improved workflow, project management assistance for comprehensive tasks, data management services, and the company also works on [it’s] own to accomplish tasks,” says Mitchell.

Forrette notes, “I've spent enough time at the retail facilities in the middle of a busy season to know that you can go weeks without seeing your family for supper. My favorite part is finding a way to take the chaos out of the busy season for you guys and hopefully give you a little bit of your life back during the busiest time of year. I'm not gonna promise a regular work schedule, because we know that's almost impossible in our industry, but maybe we get you home just a little bit sooner by having a better process in place for you.”

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