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Mapping Technology Adoption Escalating: 3 Must-Have Characteristics

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17 Jan 2022

Mapping technology has come a long way and the savvy full-service retailer understands that the right mapping tech can improve workflow efficiency throughout multiple aspects of the business. The adoption of mapping technology that can offer integration, mobility, and cloud-based service is increasing rapidly. In one year, from November 2020 to November 2021, Agvance SKY Mapping Premium has seen almost a 120% increase in the number of acres and a 360% increase in the number of recommendations created using Agvance SKY Mapping. The following are three characteristics your mapping technology must-have.

An Integrated Approach

The most effective and efficient mapping programs are not plugged in or imported, but rather designed as an integrated part of the company-wide technology solution and improve job role efficiency. The person creating an agronomy recommendation often also understands the pre-pay process and assists farmers with booking products and more. It’s a little different at each business and company size makes an impact, but the fact is, there is a lot of cross-over in job duties and operating one all-encompassing system makes collaboration a little easier.

Therefore, it is best to choose to use one technology solution with multiple modules that keep each aspect of the business communicating electronically. The crop planning process starts with having that field boundary and data in the system and accessible to multiple job roles. Mapping software that is a part of that integrated system allows businesses to easily turn a recommendation into a plan and then a blend and from there dispatch sends a work order out to the applicator and the billing is processed all from the same system.

An integrated system is a win in efficiency for not only the staff but also the customers. Through a grower portal, such as Grower360, a grower also experiences the mapping technology by viewing their Soil Test, As Applied, and Harvest Data.


Mobility is a top demand from agriculture retailers seeking a mapping solution. A mapping program in an app and accessible from portable devices brings the technology on-site. Mapping used to be something that was only installed on a desktop computer or maybe two computers in the office. Things are changing and quickly and your team is at an advantage in terms of communication abilities as well as efficiency if they have mapping capabilities away from the office. With mobile mapping solutions, a soil sample team or scouting team accesses the program and inputs details from the field, and staff back in the office or on-site with a customer can immediately use the data. Sales staff can access their customers’ field boundaries from any device and create new orders from anywhere.

In the Cloud

What sets a mapping program apart from others is web-based technology. Top options store data securely in the cloud. Hosted solutions do not rely on on-premises servers and the cloud provides increased accessibility for your entire team and customers as they share maps, recommendations, plans, and more.

Agvance SKY Mapping

SKY Mapping is an integrated part of Agvance and the connection to all other modules makes it a valuable piece of the tech solution for an agribusiness. SKY Mapping offers an integrated approach, mobility, and cloud security. If you’d like to learn more about SKY Mapping and be a part of the quickly escalating adoption of this Agvance product, please complete the form below.

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