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Multiple Statement Styles at the Ready

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11 Sep 2023

More than simply letting customers know how much they owe, the right statement helps your company share necessary information in a format that meets the needs of your growers. With Agvance, you have choices. Choose from several statement options and then select from a host of report criteria to designate which information to display on the statements.

We suggest trying multiple statement styles and print option selections to find preferred statement content for your company and customers. Statement styles include printing options like special messages, statement due dates, aging dates, and highlighting discounts with multiple “If Paid By” dates. You can create and save templates for commonly used statements which are referred to as Sets in Agvance and then load the Set again in the future.

By exporting statements that call attention to details important for your customers, you provide the answers in advance to the questions you typically receive. You are not limited to just one statement format for all customers. Using customer classifications is an additional way to run statements that meet the needs of a specific group. Statements can be run for a classification of customers, specific customer(s), or all customers.

Once statements are styled and shared, growers can view or download a statement PDF anytime from Grower360. Statements in Grower360

Below is a quick overview of the multiple grower statement styles available from Agvance. Instructional information about creating statements in Agvance and sharing statements with growers can be found on the Agvance Help Center. For additional questions, please contact our Customer Support Team for assistance.

Regular Balance Forward Statement

The Balance Forward statement style is what many think of as a typical or regular statement that shows a balance due and can optionally include detail. In Agvance, the balance forward statement like other statements, offers multiple report criteria options and a large list of print options.

Open Item Statement

The Open Item Statement is ideal for customers requesting only to see open invoices or to help a customer verify all available discounts on accounts with a lot of activity. A basic customer report, this statement shows only invoices that are open at the time the statement is processed and may include invoice detail if selected in the report criteria. By selecting a due date, only invoices that are due on or before that date will be included.

Learn more on the Help Center about the setup of Open Item Statements and the print options.

Combo Statement

The Combo Statement includes both regular and prepay activity on the same statement. Many optional features allow flexibility in determining how the statements will look. A logo and custom message can be added to the Combo Statement as well as customer splits, prepay recaps, booking recaps, field descriptions, scale ticket numbers, grain contracts, balances, settlement activity, and more.

Another version of the Combo Statement that satisfies federal guidelines for consumer statements is the Alternate 3 Style. This statement is like the standard combo statement with condensed headers but is preferred by many for the included cover page.

Watch an explanatory video and learn more about Combo Statements on the Help Center.

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