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Ordering Made Easier

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27 Nov 2023

As you assist your customers in making next season’s farm planning decisions, businesses using Agvance have an advantage. Efficiency features like templates and batch orders are built-in time savers. Using Agvance SKY, orders can be entered from any device. Agvance SKY Order works as your automated billing assistant and has been specifically designed for the agribusiness industry. Learning to incorporate these time-saving features will make processing agronomy, seed, and other orders easier for your team.

Using Templates

Creating and organizing templates means common orders can be processed more quickly. When creating a template, determine a name, choose a type, indicate if it is company-wide or location-specific, and then select the products. Once created, templates are searchable and can be filtered by location, order type, crop chemistry, and more.

In fact, a favorite feature among Agvance users in SKY Order is the “Start With” button. When creating an order, you can either start a new agronomy order or choose a plan or blend template to pull in information to “start with”. Information from the template will be pulled into the Order but can be adjusted as necessary. Busy agronomy locations will tell you that order templates are a huge time saver since they can be used again and again! Using Agronomy Templates in SKY Order

Batch Adding Agronomy Orders

From SKY Order you can interact with all your existing orders for all customers. Agronomists and sales staff adding the same plans and blends for multiple fields can save time by creating agronomy orders in a batch. When adding or changing a plan or blend, select multiple fields, and in a batch, you can simultaneously change the approval status of plans, make plans visible in Grower360, or set the status of plans to blends.

Access Everywhere

You and your team can enter customer orders from any web browser using SKY Order. The flexibility of using any device sets you up to take orders wherever a conversation happens. You may get a verbal ok from a grower accepting an agronomy plan or maybe it is a last-minute need for additional products at the warehouse door. No need to go back to your desk, send them to the office, or remember to log information later. As you are talking to a customer, search SKY Order for a customer name or field and answer their questions about order quantity, pricing, and availability. Make changes on the spot and the Agvance database is updated immediately. Your team always has access to accurate ticket data and inventory.

Create orders, manage tickets, choose when to make plans visible in the grower portal, set a ticket status from a plan to a blend, perform instant credit checks, and much more. Agvance customers looking for how-to videos and instructions can learn more about SKY Order at the Agvance Help Center.

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