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Report Books Drive Field Input Decisions

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30 Oct 2023

As growers analyze their harvest and anticipate the next year, they look to their local ag retailer to offer solid advice. Providing a professional Report Book to assist your growers in making field input decisions takes your business offerings to the next level. The Report Book from Agvance SKY Mapping is an essential tool that brings necessary statistics and visual information together. The setup includes adding a customizable cover page and your choice of field analysis reports. To save time, you can create a template for layouts you may use again and again.

Mapping Report Options

Multiple reports are available in SKY Mapping to assist both the agronomist and the grower as recommendations are made. Report options include yield maps, soil type maps, soil tests, scouting, recs, crop planning, application reports, and more. The visually appealing reports provide a clear picture to analyze fields by incorporating maps, graphs, and well-organized statistics. Each can be exported from SKY Mapping individually or compiled as part of a Report Book. SKY Mapping Reports

Creating a Report Book

Any SKY Mapping report can be grouped into a Report Book. To begin assembling a Report Book, select the SKY Mapping reports to include, determine the order, and add a cover page. By saving it as a template, you can easily export the same set of reports again. Collaborate with your team by making your template available to just your location, or some, or all your business locations. When gathering reports for additional customers, simply select the same Report Book template and save time. Learn How to Create Report Books


Once created, several options are available to share the Report Books. Export to a PDF and print, email, or share in your grower portal. The grower will find it in the Resources section of the grower portal.

By boosting your reports to an organized and professional level, you can make both your job and your customer’s field input decisions easier. To add SKY Mapping or request more information please complete the form below.

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