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Strengthening your Agribusiness and Customer Relationships

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15 Jul 2021

As an agriculture retailer, you are more than just a business in the community, you are a part of the community. Building community relationships often includes simple informal chatting with your customers when you bump into them in town, at their farm, or in your office. Those casual chats with your customers are valuable and can translate into trustworthiness, accessibility, and confidence in your business. A casual discussion about the weather quickly turns into a question about their account. When they have questions, no matter where you may be, are you doing everything you can to provide useful data-backed insights into their personal situation?

Set yourself up for success by answering customer questions with specific, applicable details. In a world of instant feedback, does your company stand out in providing answers quickly with a personal touch? Does the technology you use today allow you to check your phone and give a detailed answer to any customer question on the fly? The right technology behind strong customer relationships should be easy for your whole staff to use. Provide a helpful customer interaction that is stress-free for both you, your staff, and the customer and build stronger relationships. A successful customer account data solution should include:

  • Access to customer accounts from a web browser whether in or out of the office, or using a desktop or a mobile device
  • An at-a-glance, quick overview of your customers’ account
  • Simple, easy to digest information. Buttons, search bars, drop downs, and menus that allow you to dig deeper and answer questions, such as, payments due, credit status, salesperson, past due invoices, balances, geocoded locations, customer contact information and more
  • Ability to enter orders and input information as you are talking to customers instead writing it down and entering it later

The Agvance SKY cloud-based solution, Customer, offers these benefits and more!

Customer taps into your Agvance database and displays details on easy to navigate cards. Mindy Hendrickson, Product Manager for Customer at SSI says, “Customer gives you a comprehensive view of your customer information and activity so that you can answer any questions your customer may have about their account.” She also shared some of the exciting features of Customer that help agribusinesses build relationships and provide excellent customer service, including:

  • Accessing a wealth of customer information such as, previous invoice, delivery, and payment transactions, viewing all customers orders, identifying sales information, and checking balances due
  • Quickly seeing new Bookings and identifying invoices on which the Bookings have been used
  • Adding Orders, including, Bookings, Offers, Deliveries, Agronomy Orders (plans and blends)
  • Easily converting a Plan to a Blend from anywhere

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