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Supplier e-Link Reaches Beyond the Seed Industry to Chemicals and Fertilizer

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15 Jul 2021

Are you taking advantage of web services from seed and chemical suppliers to reduce paperwork? Business to Business (B2B) connectivity can make product sales and invoicing easier and is no longer limited to seed.

“Supplier e-Link provides the ability to integrate with web services made available from seed and chemical suppliers who have followed industry-driven standards and guidelines for this type of e-commerce communication,” according to Brandy Ferguson, SSI Business Analyst. Ferguson moderated a panel of industry experts speaking about the benefits of B2B Supplier eLink connectivity at the Agvance2020 Conference. She further explained that web services make it easier to report the sale and receipt of products by importing product attributes and delivery notifications and exporting invoice information. Highlights of Supplier eLink for both seed and fertilizer products include:

Agvance Supplier e-Link features:
  • Import Electronic Price Sheet information from vendors for the current season by Vendor, Price Zone, and Product Crop Code
  • Manage all Grower Orders, Bookings, Dealer Orders, and Purchase Orders in one system
  • Electronic Delivery Notifications can be imported into Purchase Receipts, meaning fewer manual data inputs and moreaccurate information
  • Export point of sale information from Vendor’s seed invoiced in Agvance
Additional features for Crop Protection Products:
  • Cost Sheet allows for the retailer cost for crop protection products to be imported into a specific cost level in Agvance
  • Purchase Order gives you the ability to send Purchase Orders directly to vendors using web services
  • Purchase Order Response provides the retailer with a way to verify the purchase orders in their system match the purchase orders in the vendor system by line
  • EDNs (Electronic Delivery Notices) also known as Electronic Ship Notices can be imported into Purchase Receipts. This web service allows for less data input and more accurate figures.

Let the team at SSI help you explore the latest functionalities of B2B connectivity with your trading partners and automate the ordering and fulfillment process. Complete the form below to request more information.

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