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Teaching Agvance to New Employees

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11 Dec 2023

As staff are added to a growing business, there is a need to get new hires up-to-speed quickly with the technological knowledge necessary to do their job. Coworkers or supervisors often step in to transfer that knowledge. The one-on-one training is a valuable opportunity to build rapport with a new employee and teach them the intricacies of your specific location. Yet, training a new employee takes time.

Businesses using Agvance can turn to Agvance University for supplemental training courses that can be completed as time allows. Utilizing the available Agvance University and Agvance Help Center resources also helps to ensure processes are taught completely and accurately. Eager new hires will not only learn the basics but may also pick up additional ways to use Agvance to build efficiency into business processes.

Free eLearning Courses

Over twenty eLearning lessons are available to help both new and experienced users looking to improve their Agvance skills. These lessons can be completed on-demand and are self-paced. Each course explains concepts and includes questions to ensure the learner understands the information. Most courses take 20 minutes or less to complete.

View the eLearning Lessons on the Agvance Help Center

“The most accessed features are the eLearning courses geared toward new users. We have made a couple of changes and additions to accommodate this group,” says Angie Hamm, SSI User Resources Manager. The eLearning library has been organized into tabs with courses grouped by topics. Hamm suggests that new hires will find success starting with the courses found under the Getting Started with Agvance tab.

Other categories of eLearning courses include Agronomy, Back Office, Seed, and SKY. The user may pick topics that pertain to their job. Lessons can be completed in any order at any time. There is no cost for Agvance eLearning courses, and each course can be referred to as often as needed.

With the popularity of these courses, Hamm says that courses will continue to be updated and added. She welcomes ideas for new courses, too. Suggestions can be submitted by completing the feedback form at the end of any course.

Other Agvance Resources

Another component of Agvance University is the instructor-led classes taught in a virtual classroom. These courses are designed to expose learners to Agvance best practices, and the material is reinforced with hands-on exercises. Attendees can ask questions and interact with the instructor. Instructor-led courses include a registration fee and are held on a specific date and time. Available courses include Location Bookkeeper, Analytics Web Authoring, Grain Financials, and Grain Operations. Dates, prices, and registration information are on the Help Center. Read also, Agvance University Attendees Share Feedback

View the Agvance University Courses on the Agvance Help Center

Agvance University is just one of the many resources available. The Agvance Help Center includes additional opportunities for learning new ways to incorporate Agvance into the job. Encouraging Agvance users to bookmark the site is advised for new employees and experienced staff, too. New information is continually added and is easily found using the Most Popular, Newest, and Recently Updated areas on the Home Page.

Visit the Agvance Help Center Home Page

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