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The New Vendor App from Agvance SKY

Published on

13 Mar 2023

SKY Vendor is the latest web application from the Agvance SKY Suite. When polling Agvance users at this year’s conference about which new workflows in Agvance excited them most, SKY Vendor topped the list, and, for good reason! Agvance SKY Vendor brings details for processing accounts payable into an easy-to-navigate web application that integrates with other Agvance apps. Agvance SKY users can get started now and use Vendor to manage vendor bills and payments.

“The SKY Vendor app will make your AP processes easier and more efficient,” says Mindy Hendrickson, SSI Product Manager. She adds, “our goal is that an Accounts Payable Clerk will complete their daily tasks in the SKY Vendor application, and to do this we started development by focusing on the three main transactions, the AP bill, AP payment, and AP purchase order.” As with other Agvance SKY apps, Analytics dashboards work in conjunction with Vendor helping users to visualize data and make decisions.

The SKY Admin from each company turns on access to Vendor for applicable team members. When opening Vendor, the left navigation menu gives the option to work with AP Bills and AP Payments. AP Purchase Orders will be added soon. Users will notice the same logic used throughout the app which makes it a familiar and easy system to learn. Filter and search lists of vendors, export information, and expand vendor details by clicking on a vendor name or icon.

Using the blue plus sign button, team members assigned permission may add an AP Bill. In addition to adding, editing is also possible. Changes such as location or dates will prompt the recalculation of discounts if needed. For payments, Vendor will also be handling PrintBoss soon. When adding or editing in Vendor multiple options are available for posting and printing checks. You can also attach documents from a local drive. Adding an AP Bill includes the option to add Kwiktag images, for companies using Kwiktag.

The Vendor app brings everyday accounting functions into the user-friendly, cloud-based Agvance SKY. Current Agvance SKY users can request access from their company SKY Admin and learn more about SKY Vendor on the Agvance Help Center or contact our Customer Support Team for assistance.

Please complete the form below to request a demo if you are interested in learning more about the Agvance accounting suite of products including Vendor.

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