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Time-Saving Dispatch Technology

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02 May 2022

Spring seems to be delayed this year in many parts of the country and that can have stress levels running high for both your growers and your staff. It has been a hurry-up-and-wait situation as agriculture retailers and farmers monitor soil temperatures, product availability, and weather conditions and determine the best timing for inputs. As an agriculture retailer, you may not control the weather, but you do have the opportunity to utilize technology and keep business running smoothly to provide a needed calmness in a busy season. Recent updates to Agvance Dispatch save time and put you in control.

Agvance Dispatch is just one portion of the integrated agronomy solutions from Agvance. Kody VanDyke, SSI Business Analyst explains that “our team has gone through an extensive rewrite to give us more tools, better performance, and more potential overall.” Before the spring season began, these changes were implemented and highlighted to customers and are actively being used by Agvance Dispatch customers right now.

Improvements include the ability to access needed data sooner with increased speed and more responsive lists. One way speed has been increased is by limiting the number of jobs that a user sees on their screen. Companies can often have a huge number of jobs and the user doesn’t want to be slowed down by waiting for every job to update and load on the screen. The search and filter functions and loading time have been greatly improved.

VanDyke emphasizes the time-saving benefits saying, “loading only the first 50 jobs allows the experience to be much more efficient.” If the user wants to see more, they simply scroll and the display expands to show more jobs. “And you can now search for any job that meets your filter criteria regardless of whether or not it has loaded into the list view. This allows users to become more efficient and find jobs that have been recently sent to dispatch,” says VanDyke. Similarly, when searching in Map View, the program only loads jobs that meet the filter criteria within the designated map area. Data is searched behind the scenes and available quickly.

Job assignment designations have also benefited from updated features to save time. A context menu is attached to the search bar in Dispatch as well as an easy-to-find “Assigned” column next to the list of jobs. Both primary and secondary applicators can be assigned and reviewed here. VanDyke adds that “we are still able to see crop chemistries, crop zones, drift watch, vehicles, and all the weather layers like we could previously, and the re-ordering of assigned jobs now happens in the schedule.”

Communication between the team is another time-saver. “Applicators can see every job assigned to them on a map view by using their Apply App to look at the overall route and what their assigned jobs would encompass,” says VanDyke. This efficiency in communication between applicators and the dispatcher helps to reduce human error or things slowed down because someone else is busy. All the needed information is available to the entire team including applicators, sales, dispatchers, and can also include the grower through the use of the grower portal.

VanDyke summarizes the new Dispatch experience by saying “These new tools will streamline your workflow, provide a more responsive and user-friendly experience, and create an adaptable future for SKY Dispatch as a whole.”

See a list of enhancements and watch the recording by visiting: Refreshed Agvance SKY Dispatch Delivers a Dynamic, Responsive Experience

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