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Top 3 Features of an Effective Analytics Dashboard

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15 Jul 2021

Dashboards are the portal to your business metrics. They are a necessary tool to measure your performance and investigate relevant business data unique to your business. Share analytics with your stakeholders and put data in the hands of everyone from your billing manager to the CEO. Ease of analysis, visualizations, and accessibility are necessary features of dashboards to propel your business forward.

Easy to Analyze

A report is just a picture-in-time, but a dashboard provides the ability to "drill" into the data. Quality analytic dashboards give a quick overview of the data you're interested in, as well as detailed information just a click away. Did you see a number that surprised you on your dashboard? Drill in and see the transactions that affected that number and how.


Business data does not have to be just a list of numbers; it can be visual, interactive, and exciting. Visual data jumps off the page, saving you time as you gain insights from your impactful data. A spreadsheet may provide a lot of detail but, a dashboard gives you graphs and an on-screen picture of business data that tells your story.


Useful dashboards are accessible on-demand and by automatic notification. Share dashboards by scheduling routine alerts or reminders to yourself or your team. In addition, access your dashboards anytime from a desktop or app. Are you answering a question from the Operations Manager, CFO, or the board? You know where to go for the answers – your analytic dashboards.

Agvance Analytics

The dashboards available from Agvance Analytics provide all these rewards and more. SSI partners with trusted provider Tableau for the creation of effective dashboards that display your Agvance data. Choose from one of the 80+ standard dashboards developed by SSI. In addition, you may choose to author a dashboard that is unique to your business needs. To date, our customers have authored over 350 dashboards and counting. You are not limited to just one dashboard. Create what works for your company.

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