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Watching the Weather

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10 Jul 2023

Current and past weather conditions, precipitation, and forecasts play a huge part in decision-making when scheduling agricultural jobs. With agribusinesses serving customers located across large geographical areas, the weather at each job site can vary quite a bit. Agvance SKY has weather by precise location built in for easy access as you schedule jobs, dispatch applicators, determine deliveries, and fill customer orders. There is no need to open another weather website or app. The weather data you need is right there in Agvance to help you make the best decisions and save time. The same weather technology is also available to farmers from their grower portal.

SSI partners with The Weather Company by IBM for weather data in Agvance SKY. The Weather Company has an excellent reputation for accurate forecasts and an extensive database of historical weather information. Temperature, humidity, wind direction, gusts, and the last 24 hours of precipitation are the types of weather information available throughout Agvance SKY applications. Radar precipitation is also available and includes the prior 4 hours of precipitation in 15-minute intervals.

Ag retailers or cooperative staff can access the weather from several Agvance SKY applications. From SKY Customer, select a customer and view each of the customers’ farm and field locations in map or satellite view and the current weather conditions for the specific location. From Agvance SKY Dispatch, right-clicking on any point on the map displays weather data for that precise location. The map layers for radar, past 24-hour precipitation, wind speed, and temperature can be toggled on or off when viewing maps as needed. When using the radar layer, a legend displays in the app to help differentiate rain, freezing rain, mix, and snow conditions. In the Apply app, applicators can auto-capture weather data when starting a job to accurately document weather conditions. Dispatchers, managers, and drivers are all viewing the same weather reports and can make decisions to adjust workloads as needed.

Accessible weather technology also extends to growers as a valued piece of their grower portal. Growers can access weather data by field. From Grower360, on the field details page for a specific field, the grower can view current conditions which include high and low temperatures for the day, rainfall in the last 24 hours, and wind speed and direction as well as the precipitation forecast for the specific location.

Monitoring the weather from within Agvance SKY applications can help you make better decisions when scheduling fieldwork. If you would like to see a demo, please complete the form below.

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