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What it means to “Add SKY” to Agvance

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15 Jul 2021

During the recent Agvance 2020 Conference, Pam Rincker, SSI President and CEO, shared what it means to add SKY to Agvance. “All of the SKY applications are in addition to or on top of your existing Agvance and fully compatible with all of your familiar workflows,” said Rincker during the conference opening session. “If you have not added SKY, you are now officially in the minority. Let’s work together and change that.”

Today, over half of all Agvance users, including over 300 companies and 10,000 users are taking advantage of the access and value SKY can add to your operations. These Agvance enhancing tools are collectively referred to as Agvance SKY.

During the virtual conference, Rincker went on to explain just what it means to “Add SKY”.

New Tools: New applications with new capabilities are available when adapting SKY. The 12 new applications including Order, Analytics, and Ledger to name a few, provide a new way to look at data and manage your business.

Mobility: In conjunction with these new tools, SKY offers mobility. SKY is built cloud native. Information in the cloud means data is always accessible and in your team's hands.

Peace of Mind: Agvance SKY is hosted in the cloud by working in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Adding SKY means SSI hosts your data, takes care of updates and back-ups, and prepares for data recovery, if necessary. “You have peace of mind knowing that SSI and AWS are working together, and you have only one number to call to ensure that your business remains up and running,” said Rincker.

Data Security: On the topic of data security Rincker said, “When it comes to securing your data, I can assure you that we take that responsibility very seriously”. SSI is currently undergoing a detailed auditing process to become Service Organization Compliance (SOC) Type 2 certified. She explained that this is a voluntary process to ensure the security of customer data.

Grower Connection: “There is no question that connecting with your growers, your customers, is the #1 most important thing on your mind,” Rincker recognized. With Grower360, growers can monitor their account, order field work, and be notified when the job is done. Rincker emphasized the on-going priority of facilitating dealer to grower connections.

If you would like to explore the many benefits of adding SKY for your business, please complete the form below to request additional information.

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