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3 Ways to Accept Payments and Increase Customer Satisfaction

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27 Feb 2023

Giving your customers multiple payment options when paying for their ag retail services is a great way to increase customer satisfaction and engagement. Net due, prepay, and budget billing payments are three payment opportunities agriculture businesses can offer customers when using Agvance. Payment can be securely accepted by credit card or electronic transfer of funds with ACH. Designed to accommodate the uniqueness of each business using Agvance, companies can choose to offer all or some of the options to their customers.

The Grower360 grower portal allows customers to review invoices and schedule and complete transactions on their own. In addition, using Agvance SKY Customer agribusiness staff can continue to also assist customers and accept payments face-to-face or on the phone. Enabling technology doesn’t mean replacing but rather enhancing the customer service experience. With a more seamless payment experience for customers, retailers can expect increased loyalty and sales as customers appreciate the convenience of making payments in a way that works best for them.

Net Due Balance

When looking to pay the amount owed by a due date or payment in full, customers select the net due payment option to review invoice details. Here the customer can see the regular balance and unapplied credit and the resulting net due balance. The customer can review any already scheduled payments and then choose to pay the full statement balance, a pay-off by due date balance, select specific invoices to pay, or enter a dollar amount to auto-apply payments to invoices.

Budget-Due Balance

A popular option for energy bills, budget billing allows customers to even out their monthly bills. Making a budget-due payment initiates the payment process where invoices are selected, and payment information is reviewed.

Prepay Payment

Prepayment of farm supplies and services is managed with this option. The total prepay balance and paid bookings can be reviewed. Choose specific bookings or enter a dollar amount to be applied to unapplied cash, which can then be distributed to bookings as needed.

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Ultimately, giving your customers multiple payment options is an excellent way to make the purchasing experience easier. Growers like the benefits of checking balances and making payments in the portal, but you can’t overlook the helpfulness to your staff too. Office staff and the customer view the same data which is helpful when answering questions and accepting payments. Whether a customer wants to make a statement payment or pay for specific bookings’ line items, Agvance can accommodate. Please complete the form below to request a demonstration or further information.

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