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6 Analytic Dashboards You Should be Using this Spring

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10 Apr 2023

With a full schedule of jobs, agribusinesses are again amid a busy season. The early morning sounds of field equipment firing up on a spring day is a welcome reprieve from winter. Depending on geography, some locations are already a month in and getting jobs done. As the jobs are dispatched, field applications move forward, and billings are handled. This spring, incorporate ways to examine data throughout the season to check that business is on track.

To integrate valuable data into each day, take advantage of analytic tools from your software system. Check your analytics dashboards often or schedule routine mailing of analytics reports to yourself or others by managing dashboard subscriptions. Choose between either summary or detailed style reports. Capture the company brand and style in the reports and share them with stakeholders and staff.

Agvance users have access to over 100 dashboards in Agvance SKY Analytics that are useful to gauge performance, monitor trends, and view outliers. These dashboards are subdivided into categories to help find needed data. In addition to analytics used among ag retail staff, share reports such as the Grower Summary Report and Field Projection Analysis with customers through the grower portal.

Check out these six analytic dashboards that are particularly helpful for Agvance users to include in daily activities this spring season.

Product Spring Dashboards

Unfulfilled Booking Dashboard

The Unfulfilled Booking Dashboard reviews invoiced Bookings and Delivery Tickets. Use it to analyze the amount on Booking, loaded and unloaded delivery ticket quantities for each product imported from a Booking, and the resulting unfulfilled Booking amount. Found in the Products subsection of Analytics, filter data on this dashboard by product name or ID.

Unbilled Tickets Dashboard

This product dashboard determines the number of tickets and the quantity of those loaded but not yet invoiced. A summary displays unbilled Blend and Delivery Tickets, breakouts by days, and a visual scatterplot of the number of days since the ticket was loaded. Line-item detail enables further examination by dates, locations, and salesperson.

Agronomy spring dashboards

Applicator Audit Log Dashboard

Review agronomy operations by applicator name, job completion date, or Blend Ticket number. Blend Tickets assigned to applicators display in a grid with details including the customer, field, acres, applicator, start and end times, products, and more.

Agronomy Operations Dashboard

Use this agronomy dashboard to see how many tickets are in the stages of agronomy operations. Operations include dispatch jobs that are pending, ready, assigned, or in process. The Agronomy Operations dashboard also displays a count of loaded blend/delivery tickets to invoice, blend/delivery tickets to load, and more.

Acres Applied Dashboard

This agronomy dashboard displays the total acres applied for Blend Tickets marked as complete from the Apply and Dispatch apps. With filters, you can look at the data by an applicator, vehicle, salesperson, product, and more.

Customer spring dashboards

Outstanding Bookings Dashboard

This dashboard is found in the Customer subsection of Analytics and shows what remains to be fulfilled. View the remaining booked amount by product and the remaining quantity on open Bookings. Other visualizations show dollars remaining on open Bookings.

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