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Grower to Retailer & Retailer to Grower Communication Gets Jobs Done (continued)

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20 Oct 2022

Communication flowing from the agriculture retailer to the grower is essential information, but that makes up just one function of a good grower portal. Two-way communication and the ability to complete tasks really ups the game.

This is the second in a two-part series titled Grower to Retailer & Retailer to Grower Communication Gets Jobs Done. Read Part 1, SKY Customer Helps Answer Grower Questions.

Part 2 - Notifications

In addition to both growers and retailers viewing the information they need, they can also communicate with each other through notifications. Communications from Grower360 to SKY may include a farmer letting his retailer know of plan approvals, field service requests, energy reorders, booking contract signatures, grain contract signatures, or applying a prepay payment.

In turn, the retailer can send special notices created by their Grower360 Admin to customers regarding store specials, new functions of the grower portal, or other announcements. The retailer also uses SKY to mark a job complete, including adding custom notes if needed. The grower then receives a notification.

“Notifications enhance communication,” says Sara Thoele, SSI Product Manager, and “users can subscribe to the notification types and Agvance accounts that they want to receive notifications about.” Every business can decide who receives the notifications sent from growers to the retailer. Maybe the notifications are received by the sales manager or certain types of requests may go to specific department heads. Agvance users that want to stay knowledgeable about their customer or product distribution simply subscribe to receive the notifications. A SKY administrator at each business has access to a Task Center where they can monitor that all notifications are received by someone and managed efficiently.

Agvance users at retail locations receive in-app notifications. Growers can receive notifications in the app, by email, or by text and can even add additional farm family members or helpers to receive notifications. Multiple options mean that communication moves back and forth between both the grower and retailer, jobs get done, and everyone is informed.

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