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Improve Your Inventory Management

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17 Jul 2023

When it is time for cyclical or end-of-year product counts, using your software system to update your product inventory saves time and money. Teamwork and mobility, in addition to an integrated, accessible database system, helps your staff quickly complete physical inventory counts.

“Maintaining accurate inventory levels is key to running an efficient business,” says Jake Reese, Accounting Support Manager at SSI, “and we have tools in Agvance to help you maintain that accuracy.” By using both the Physical Inventory Management tool and Inventory Adjustments tool in Agvance Accounting, every product is accurately accounted for with the following additional benefits:

Freeze Balances While Counting

Before beginning a physical count of inventory, product balances can be frozen. Inventory transactions are up to date before the count, and it is advantageous to complete the count fairly quickly before physical inventory is moving due to orders.

Mobile Devices

Users can input counts from their phones or tablets using the Warehouse app. The app is designed for Apple or Android mobile devices and uses the device camera as a barcode scanner. Another option is to use ruggedized device Zebra scanners by AbeTech. These long-range scanners have proved useful in agronomy warehouses. For quick product recognition, scan the barcode or start typing the first letters of a product and select from the narrowed list. Next, count the items and enter the number.

Team Effort

During inventory, multiple users can enter counts at the same time. If the inventory is stored in several locations and counted by several people, the quantity is summed for all entries on each product. If you come across another stack of products elsewhere in the warehouse, just add it to the existing count.


Recounts can be done without affecting original counts. Following a recount, you can choose to post either the original count or the recount.

Inventory Adjustments

Using the Inventory Adjustments tool also found in Agvance Accounting, you can make quick adjustments to inventory counts to document adjustments when the product on hand does not match the computer balance. This function helps to adjust quantities due to shrinkage, damage, or package size substitutions. Adjustments can be entered from either Agvance or the Warehouse app.

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