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Orchestrate Agronomy Order Fulfillment

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03 Apr 2023

Anyone that has been through an especially busy farm input application season or a prime time for deliveries, appreciates the organizational skill that goes into making it all happen. A carefully orchestrated plan to fulfill orders efficiently is achievable with the right management tools.

Agvance SKY Dispatch enables a dispatcher to assign jobs to an applicator, vehicle, or driver, and establish a job order for the tickets to be completed. The complexities of dispatching are simplified with Agvance SKY Dispatch by creating a visualization of the jobs and using customizable tags and maneuverable columns to organize and get the work done.

Painting a Visual Picture

With the right system, your application and delivery jobs should come to life on the screen as you organize work. Creating visually appealing customer-focused software is incorporated into all Agvance systems. In Agvance SKY Dispatch, dispatchers visually plot jobs on a map and view data on dual screens to view both a jobs list and map simultaneously to coordinate job scheduling. With color labels, the dispatcher, applicators, and drivers are directed to important details. Each business sets its own priority labels customizing the color and names. Color also draws the eye to job characteristics on the map by defining colors to indicate selected, assigned, or unassigned jobs or applicators. Specific field indicators regarding crop chemistry, Driftwatch, or other features can be indicated by color too.

Using Customize Tags

Another way to categorize jobs in a way that works for your specific business is with the use of tags. Tags can be used to identify custom groups on Blend and Delivery Tickets in Agvance SKY. Want to be able to search by a specific type of input, blend, or even the type of truck used? With custom tags, label jobs how you need to and then use filters to find and analyze jobs in that category.

Finding Data in a Grid

When looking at schedules, maneuverability is achievable with a grid format. Drag and drop columns to just where you want them and keep them there or revert back to the original format and set it a new way anytime. Stop scrolling. Pin columns to have critical dispatching decision-making information as the first columns you view.

These are just a few of the recent enhancements to Agvance SKY Dispatch. For more information about how Dispatch can help you orchestrate the fulfillment of your agronomy orders view Dispatch information or request a demo by completing the form below.

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