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Dispatch enhances control and communication among your team, optimizing time tracking, responding, and reviewing job statuses. We’ve made it easy to view job details at a glance with quick access to information about customers, fields, priorities, and more.

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Jobs List

See all Blend Ticket jobs created with quick access to basic information about the job such as customer, field, acres, crop, priority level, and job status.

Jobs Map

View real-time updates of applicator locations and job clusters.


Review applicator schedules, and reassign and reorder jobs while viewing the map.


Communicate with applicators while easily reference to Blend Ticket numbers.


Filter and choose which locations’ jobs are visible and applicators that the user is responsible for tracking.

Increase Team Efficiency with Role-Specific Apps

Dispatch includes two apps that sync with the Agvance suite, serving the user with only the information they need to make fast and precise decisions.


Sales staff can take advantage of the Inform App to gain vision to the pipeline, monitor application status, and update jobs to Ready status to add to dispatcher’s view.

Applicators & Drivers

We’ve created the Apply App for applicators and drivers so they can see assignments, update job statuses, view customer information, and view weather and field conditions on the go.

Jessica Jones

“Dispatch along with Mapping has made a huge impact on our business. By having fields mapped and available in Dispatch, we took away the farmer saying “just send him to the yard and I will show him where.” It has increased productivity, as the applicator can go right to the field and start applying instead of being shown the fields and chit chat with the grower for 20-30 minutes a few times a day possibly.”

Belgrade Co-op

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