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Manage Inventory with Efficiency and Accuracy

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09 Oct 2023

Is the product in stock? This question is often top of mind when assisting customers with orders. The Agvance Warehouse app provides real-time access to inventory position and customer orders. Agronomy warehouses and agriculture retail stores benefit from the use of mobile technology to manage inventory efficiently and accurately. Using Agvance Warehouse, you have the answer.

Agvance Warehouse tracks both inbound shipments as they are received and outbound shipments as they are loaded. The app is accessible from both iOS and Android phones and tablets using the device camera as a barcode scanner. Another option is to use ruggedized long-range Zebra scanners by AbeTech. With Agvance Warehouse, tracking inventory in real-time means that you always have access to which products are available for sale by location. Inventory updates as business happens. To learn more about the benefits of using Agvance Warehouse during your periodic inventory such as annual counts read Improve Your Inventory Management.

As a reminder, Mobile Inventory, the Windows-based Agvance module used for inventory will no longer be supported after December 31, 2023. Now is the time to add Agvance Warehouse to your Agvance suite of products. Sunsetting Mobile Inventory 12.31.2023.

Read more about Warehouse and contact your Agvance Sales Manager to request a demo.

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