A Full-Featured Formulation Program

Agvance Blending is an incredibly easy-to-use, flexible formulation package. Ag retailers can use this module to create accurate dry or liquid fertilizer blends, as well as custom-made blends of chemical, suspension and feed for growers.

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Automated Blending

Developed with the full sales cycle in mind, the blending function is automated in real-time, capturing inputs from plans, reconciling outputs based on actual blending, and adjusting inventory counts.

Grower Profiles

The Blending program can import field plans and nutrient recommendations saved to a grower’s field file from the Agvance Planning module.

Precise Ratios and Products

The included Ratio Wizard helps to automatically adjust ratio calculations. When formulating a specific blend, combine products into Products Sets and save them for future use.

Multiple Ways to Generate Blends

Generate blends to fill a requested analysis. For example, use nutrient recommendations created in the Planning module, directly request an amount of product at a specified rate per acre, or specify a total amount needed for a mini bulk.

Easy Invoicing

Products, rates, and prices are available to be viewed and changed on the Blend Ticket screens for maximum flexibility. Blend Tickets import as invoices in Agvance Accounting without re-entering data.

Christy Ray

“I really like the blending tools and the way the modules work together, from making the blend ticket to importing the ticket to the invoice with information automatically captured to the field history. Traceability is extremely important in the agricultural business today and Agvance keeps us organized.”

Brandt Consolidated, Inc.

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